Buy the articket for 30€ and you will be able to visit the 7 main museums of Barcelona!

30 Mar

7 museums of Barcelona, 1 ticket for 30 € – MNAC, MACBA, CCCB, Joan Miro Foundation, Tapies Foundation and Picasso Museum

Visit the 7 leading art centres in Barcelona for 3 monthsfor only 30 a single ticket takes you to the leading art exhibitions in Barcelona.

You can purchase your articketBCN from:

  • Ticket Offices at the art centers
  • Tel-Entrada 902 10 12 12 /
  • Tourism Offices in Barcelona.
    Pl. Catalunya, Pl. Sant Jaume, Estació de Sants.
  • Web Turisme de Barcelona: at the website’s shop

Price:  30€ (Ticket valid for three months from the date of the first visit to one of the museums).

To give you an idea of the money you will save with the Articket, I have done a list with the cost per entrance and museum separately:

Mnac: 10 €

Macba: 8€

Casa Milà – La Pedrera: 15€

Fundación Tapies: 7€€

Museo Picasso: 11€

Fundación Joan Miró: 10€

CCCB: 5€

More info at:

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