Diada, September 11th, Day of Catalonia

8 Sep

Every September 11th Catalunya celebrates its National Day, the “Diada Nacional”. This is a good time to visit the city because we will have the opportunity to enjoy traditional parties and events.


Do not miss the activities of “Castellers de Barcelona”, one of the oldest “colla” in the city.  Since 1969, they impress every body with its human “castles” over 7 floors: They will be at Rafael Casanova monument, in Ronda de Sant pere with Ali Bei Street, at 10 a.m.


Within the extensive program of Palau de la Musica, September 11 at 19h, there is a special concert for de Diada:

Tarragona Symphony Orchestra “Camerata XXI” Catalan Choral

Director: Xavier Puig

Soprano: Marta Mathéu

Piano: Daniel Blanch


During the National Day are organized also other concerts, exhibitions and dance “sardanas” in different towns of Catalunya and in Barcelona.

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