Different alternatives for “La Diada”: the day of Catalonia

10 Sep

11st September is the day of Catalonia. Every year people go out to enjoy different activities on the street to commemorate the fall of Barcelona in 1714.



One of the most interesting activities for the day is at the famous Mercat del Born, which has been closed for more than 20 years and now reborn as “Born Cultural Center“. From 12nd to 19th September, the curious can go to visit the archaeological sites of the remains of the besieged city in 1714 (from 10 to 19 hours).

Born Cultural Center

Born Cultural Center

But the greatest peculiarity of this year will be the human chain of more than 300,000 people throughout Barcelona and Catalonia demanding the independence of Catalonia. In the next picture you can see the route around the city of Barcelona.

Human Chain in Barcelona

Human Chain in Barcelona

On the other hand, the History Museum of Catalonia offers an open house with guided tours through the most significant stages of the War of Succession. This guided tour will be over in the morning from 10.30am.

History Museum of Catalonia

History Museum of Catalonia

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