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Free entrance to different museums of Barcelona every first Sunday of the month

4 Oct

Did you know that the first Sunday of each month you have free access to many of the main museums in Barcelona?

We provide you a list for you to do your cultural plan. You will see the prices of this museums for a regular day, for you to see the money you can safe if you visit this museums on Sunday.

CosmoCaixa. Science Museum 

CosmoCaixa Barcelona

CosmoCaixa Barcelona

All CaixaForum exhibitions, permanent and temporary, are free.

Isaac Newton, 26

From 10 to 20h

Price: 4€

How to get there:

Bus: 17, 22, 58, 73, 75, 60 y 196

MNAC. Museum of National Art of Catalonia 



Free admission from 3pm every first Saturday of the every month. The museum is also free the 11st and 24th September and the 18th May, coinciding with the International Museum Day.

Palau Nacional. Parc de Montjuïc

From 10 to 14.30h

Price: 12€

Terrace price: 3€

How to get there:

Metro: L1 & L3 Plaza España (Spain Square)

Bus: 150, 13, 55. to Pl. España: 9, 27, 37, 50, 65, 79, 109, 165, D20, H12, V7


Botanic Garden

Es gratis los domingos a partir de las 15h, el primer domingo de mes (gratis todo el día), y el 12 de febrero, 18 de mayo y 24 de septiembre.

Doctor Font i Quer, s/n, Sants-Montjuïc

From 3pm

Price: 3.5 euros. Reducida 1,70

How to get there:

Metro: L1 & L3 Plaza España (Spain Square)

Bus: 150, 13, 55. Hasta Pl. España: 9, 27, 37, 50, 65, 79, 109, 165, D20, H12, V7


History Museum of Catalonia

History Museum of Catalonia

History Museum of Catalonia

Besides the first Sunday of each month, also on 12nd February, 23rd April, 18th May, 11st September and 24th September.
Pl. de Pau Vila, 3

From 10 to 14.30h

General price: 5€

Price temporary exhibition: 3€

Price permanent exhibition: 4€

How to get there:

Metro: L4 Barceloneta

Bus: 14, 17, 36, 39, 40, 45, 51, 59, 64, 120 i D20


Natural Science Museum of Barcelona

Castell dels Tres Dragons

The visit to the center is temporarily closed to the general public

Passeig Picasso, s/n

From 10 to 14.30h

How to get there:

Metro: L4 Barceloneta


Music Museum of Barcelona

Music Museum of Barcelona

Music Museum

L’Auditori. C/ Padilla, 155

From 10 to 18h

Price: 14,25€

How to get there:

Metro: L1 Marina o Glorias, L2 Monumental


Picasso Museum

Picasso Museum

Picasso Museum

Free access on Sundays from 3 to 8pm, the first Sunday of every month (all day), 12nd February, 18th May and 24th September.

Montcada, 15-23

From 10 to 20h

Price: 11€

How to get there:

Metro: L4 Jaume I, L1 Arc de Triomf, L3 Liceu

Bus: 17, 40, 45, 19 Via Laietana, 39, 51 Passeig Picasso, 14, 59 Pla de palacio, 120 Princesa

Museo-Monesterio de Pedralbes

Baixada del Monestir, 9

From 10 to 15h

Museum of History of Barcelona

It´s also free every Sunday from 3pm and the Museum Night, on April 23rd and 11st & 24th September.

Pl. del Rei, s/n

From 10 to 15h


Museo Marítimo de Barcelona 

Maritim Museum of Barcelona

Maritim Museum of Barcelona

The entrance is free every Sunday from 3pm, 18th May and 24th September, coinciding with La Merce.

Av. de les Drassanes, s/n

From 15 to 19h

Price: 5€

How to get there:

Metro: L3 Drassanes

Bus: 14, 18, 36, 38, 57, 59, 64 i 91


Center of Contemporary Art of Barcelona

Free entrance every Sunday from 3 to 8 pm, 12nd February, 18th May, the Museum Night and, 24th September.

Montalegre, 5, Raval

From 15 to 20h

Price: 6€

How to get there: L1, L3 Pl. Cataluña y L1 y L2 Universidad

Bus: 7, 9, 13, 14, 16, 17, 20, 24, 37, 41, 42, 50, 54, 55, 58, 59, 62, 63, 64, 66, 67, 68, 91, 120, 121, 141, H12, Aerobús

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Lost & Found: Next 22nd September at Barceloneta

18 Sep

lost & found

lost & found

Do you like markets, thrift stores, vintage fashion, new trends, to find treasures where it seems that there are not, to buy second hand books, drink beer while you listen good music with your friends …?

If you have answered yes to more than two of the questions you can not miss the XIV edition of the fleamarket Lost & Found, which will take place this Sunday in Barceloneta.

Where: Plaza del Mar (Barceloneta).

When: Sunday, 22nd September 2013
Time: 11:00 a 20:00
Free entrance

Here’s a video of one of the previous editions:

Have you ever visited the Castle of Montjuic?

13 Sep

Castle of Montjuic

Castle of Montjuic

The castle was built in the 18th century not to defend Barcelona, but to watch it. Maybe that´s why the Castle of Montjuic is a magnificent place to see the city, specially the port and La Rambla. In the 19th century the castle was used as a prison, and for several decades of the 20th century it was sadly a place of execution. Nowadays the castle is a Military Museum. During July and August its gardens host the Open Air Film Festival Sala Montjuïc, a classical event of the city where the best independent films are shown.


Carretera de Montjuïc, 66. 08038 Barcelona

Tel: 932 564 445

There are several ways to get there:

 1) By bus: line 150 Plaça Espanya  – Castell de Montjuïc (every 10-15 minutes)

 2) By underground: L2 or L3 Paral lel + Funicular de Montjuïc + Montjuïc cable car (from the output of the funicular) or 10 minutes walk

Funicular Montjuic

Funicular Montjuic

 3) Tourist Bus: Red Route, stops Telefèric de Montjuïc or Miramar – Jardins Costa i Llobera + Cable car or 10 minutes walk



1st October – 31st March: Mon-Sat 9.00-19.00

1st April – 30 September: Mon-Sat 9.00-21.00

The parade ground closes 30 minutes before

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Different alternatives for “La Diada”: the day of Catalonia

10 Sep

11st September is the day of Catalonia. Every year people go out to enjoy different activities on the street to commemorate the fall of Barcelona in 1714.



One of the most interesting activities for the day is at the famous Mercat del Born, which has been closed for more than 20 years and now reborn as “Born Cultural Center“. From 12nd to 19th September, the curious can go to visit the archaeological sites of the remains of the besieged city in 1714 (from 10 to 19 hours).

Born Cultural Center

Born Cultural Center

But the greatest peculiarity of this year will be the human chain of more than 300,000 people throughout Barcelona and Catalonia demanding the independence of Catalonia. In the next picture you can see the route around the city of Barcelona.

Human Chain in Barcelona

Human Chain in Barcelona

On the other hand, the History Museum of Catalonia offers an open house with guided tours through the most significant stages of the War of Succession. This guided tour will be over in the morning from 10.30am.

History Museum of Catalonia

History Museum of Catalonia

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We continue with the popular parties: from the 23rd to the 30 August go to celebrate to the neighborhood of Sants – Montjuic

14 Aug

Festa Major de Sants

Festa Major de Sants

For one week 15 streets in Sants will be decorated on the occasion of the Sants Festival. There will be a great variety of activities for families, and the younger can enjoy the evening concerts.

The program per day is as follows:

August 23

18:30 – The parade (pasacalle) begins at the Jardines de Can Mantega and ends at Parque de la España Industrial, where the official speech (pregón) that starts the Festival will take place. The speech will be given by the journalist and sommelier Meritxell Falgueras.

While waiting to the pregón, there will be giants dancing, accompanied by the music of the Band of the Triangle of Sants.

August 24

The day will begin with the offering (ofrenda) of Sant Bartomeu in the church of Santa Maria de Sants

11:00 – Water Partie

21:00 – Concert of Trencada Oliva

22:00 – Concert 9son

August 25

From 10:00 to 17:30 – Baseball for boys and girls between 5 and 15 years old

Sardana en Sants

Sardana en Sants

18:00 – Sardana Dance

19:30 – Awards contest to the best streets decoration

22:00 – Premiere visual projection (mapping) on ​​the facade of the Casa del Mig

August 26

From 10:00 to 13:30 – Children’s workshops and exhibitions

12:00 – Exhibition with dogs of the Canine Unit of the Mossos d’Esquadra

From 11:00 to 18:00 – Ambulance Catalunya teaches first aid and prevention to children

22:00 – Concert of The Troba Kung-fu





August 30

19:30 – Children Fire Run (Correfoc) from Plaza Can Mantega to Plaza de Sants

21:30 – Adult Fire Run (Correfoc) from Plaza Osca to Plaza Joan Pelegrí








September 7


19:00 – Closing of the festival with a concert by thein Parque de la España Industrial.

A new feature this year is the guided tours of the MNAC (National Art Museum of Catalonia), which will run for two hours, free admission throught registration at Cotxeres Sants from 23 August to 5 September. The visits will take place on 6 and 7 September, 17 to 19 hours.

The streets involved in the Sants Festival are: Alcolea de Baix, Alcolea de Dalt, Canalejas, Finland, Galileu, Guadiana, Masnou-Premià, Pl. La Farga, Robrenyo, Rosés-Casa Gran, Sagunt, Santa Cecília, Valladolid , Vallespir and Vallespir de Baix.

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GANDULES’13 – Open air cinema for free from 6th to 22nd August at CCCB

30 Jul

open aire cinema barcelona

Gandules 13

Another year, the CCCB open its doors for free to the public to offer a selection of short and long optimistic movies.

The selected films have all been released and received prizes and mentions at different festivals, but for various reasons they made only a brief appearance on the commercial cinema circuit. Plus, a short will be shown before each film, as an appetizer: short films that speak to us of everyday events, like getting up in the morning, going to a restaurant for lunch or waiting at the bus stop; routine moments narrated in a surprising way and with lots—and we mean lots!—of humour.

The seats are limited, so it´s convenient to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start.

Time: 22:00h

This is the programme:

Tuesday, 6th August

Short film: Life and Stuff
Kumar Satkunarasa
2011, UK, video, 4’45’’, VOSC

François Ozon
2012, France, 35mm, 107’, VOSE
Awarded at Festival of San Sebastián (Concha de Oro)

Wednesday, 7th August

Short film: Occupied
Christian Filek
2006, Austria, video, 3’, no dialogue


Marjane Satrapi y Vincent Paronnaud
2007, France, 35mm, 97’, VOSE
Awarded at Festival de Cannes and nominated to Oscar

Thursday, 8th August

Short film: Occupations
Lars von Trier
2007, Dinmak, vídeo, 3’, VOSC


Armando Iannucci
2009, UK, 35mm, 106’, VOSE
Nominated to Oscar 2009  for the best adapted script and 2 nominations to the BAFTA (best adapted script and best Bristish movie)

Tuesday, 13rd August

Short film: The Black Hole
Philip Sansom y Olly Williams
2008, EE.UU, video, 2’50’’, no dialogue

Sergei Dvortsevoy
2008, Kazakhstan and Germany, 35mm, 100’, VOSE

Wednesday, 14th August

Short film: Wrong Side of the Bed
Daniel Lucchesi
2006, EE.UU, video, 1’30’’, no dialogue

Claire Simon
2008, France, Blu-ray, 122’, VOSE

Thursday, 15th August

Short film: The Joy of Destruction 
Xaver Xylophon and Laura Junger
Alemania, 2010, vídeo, 1’40’’, no dialogue

Giorgos Lanthimos
2009, Grècia, 35mm, 93’, VOSE
Not recommended for younger than 18 years old

Tuesday, 20th August

Short film: Bus Stop 99
Reto Caffi
2000, Suiza, vídeo, 7’40’’, no dialogue

LES HERBES FOLLES (Las malas hierbas)
Alain Resnais
2009, France, 35mm, 113’, VOSE

Wednesday, 21st August

Short film: Happy Sushi
Andy Green
2010, EEUU, video, 3’, no dialogue

Yojiro Takita
2009, Japan, 35mm, 135’, VOSE

Thursday, 22nd August

Short film: Mr. Foley
Irlanda, 2009, vídeo, 5’, VOSC

Ignacio Ferreras
2011, Spain, 35mm, 90’, VO (ES)

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Sant Cugat Monastery, 20 minuts from Barcelona.

10 Sep

When we planning a trip to a tourist city which offers all kinds of events, routes, plans … we don’t usually find much more on our own. It is appreciated that the city is well organized to welcome its visitors, but getting out of the beaten track and visit the villages around the city can be a very good experience!

This is the case of Sant Cugat del Vallès, a village located in the Barcelona province, just 20 minutes by train from Plaza Catalunya.

You can consult the map of railways here, you will see that it is very easy to arrive.

San Cugat has the charm of a village: a spacious promenade, terraces and renovated stone houses with low ceilings and some medieval shields in good condition. But it is located a short distance from the big city.

Its main attraction is the Monastery of Pi. An architectural beauty rooted in Roman times, in which the wall was built around it and it has been preserved in medieval reconstructions.

The origins of the monastery is located in the ninth century, when they decided to join the church containing the remains of Sant Cugat (in spanish San Cucufato, a martyr come from Africa to preach Christianity in Roman territory) with a fortification attached. The early Christian basilica whitch was built in the V century for the worship of the relics of the martyr, was a small square enclosure around where there was a community of monks.

In this video you can watch the Monastery aerial images:

Sant Cugat Monastery

If you come to Barcelona do not hesitate to make a trip to Sant Cugat! A place that all family will enjoy!

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Contemporary Cartographies. Drawing Thought. CaixaForum Barcelona

9 Sep

Dates: 25 July – 28 October 2012.

Place: CaixaForum Barcelona (Av. de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 6-8).Curator: Helena Tatay.

We map our world in order to gain a glimpse of the reality in which we live. Since time immemorial, maps have been used to represent, translate and encode all kinds of physical, mental and emotional territories. Our representation of the world has evolved in recent centuries and, today, with globalisation and the Internet, traditional concepts of time and space, along with methods for representing the world and knowledge, have been definitively transformed. In response to this paradigm shift, contemporary artists question systems of representation and suggest new formulas for classifying reality.

The ultimate aim of Contemporary Cartographies. Drawing Thought, an exhibition that seeks to draw a map formed by cartographies created by twentieth- and twenty-first century artists, is to invite the visitor to question both the systems of representation that we use and the ideas that underpin them.

The exhibition, organised and produced by ”la Caixa” Foundation, is comprises more than 140 works in a wide range of formats – from maps and drawings to video installations and digital art – on loan from thecollections of several major contemporary art galleries. The artists represented include such essential figures as Salvador Dalí, Paul Klee, Marcel Duchamp, Yves Klein, Gordon Matta-Clark, Richard Hamilton, Mona Hatoum and Richard Long, shoulder-to-shoulder with a roster of contemporary artists, including Art & Language, Artur Barrio, Carolee Schneemann, Ana Mendieta, Erick Beltrán, On Kawara, Alighiero Boetti, Thomas Hirschhorn and Francis Alÿs, amongst others. Finally, the exhibition is completed by a series ofrevealing documents drawn up by experts from other fields, such as Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Lewis Carroll and Carl Gustav Jung.

Ignasi Aballí, Francis Alÿs, Efrén Álvarez, Giovanni Anselmo, Art & Language, Zbynék Baladrán, Artur Barrio, Lothar Baumgarthen, Erick Beltrán, Zarina Bhimji, Ursula Biemann, Cezary Bodzianowski, Alighiero Boettti, Christian Boltanski, Marcel Broodthaers, Stanley Brown, Trisha Brown, Bureau d’Études, Los Carpinteros, Constant, Raimond Chaves y Gilda Mantilla, Salvador Dalí, Guy Debord, Michael Drucks, Marcel Duchamp, El Lissitzky, Valie Export, Evru, Öyvind Fahlström, Félix González-Torres, Milan Grygar, Richard Hamilton, Zarina Hashmi, Mona Hatoum, David Hammons, Thomas Hirschhorn, Bas Jan Ader, On Kawara, Allan Kaprow, William Kentridge, Robert Kinmont, Paul Klee, Yves Klein, Hilma af Klint, Guillermo Kuitca, Emma Kunz, Mark Lombardi, Rogelio López Cuenca, Richard Long, Cristina Lucas, Anna Maria Maiolino, Kris Martin, Gordon Matta-Clark, Ana Mendieta, Norah Napaljarri Nelson, Dorothy Napangardi, Rivane Neuenschwander, Perejaume, Grayson Perry, Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Vahida Ramujkic, Till Roeskens, Rotor, Ralph Rumney, Ed Ruscha, Carolee Schneemann, Robert Smithson, Saul Steinberg, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Willy Tjungurrayi, Joaquín Torres García, Isidoro Valcárcel Medina, Adriana Varejao, Oriol Vilapuig, Kara Walker, Adolf Wölfli.


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Are you ready for this BAM? Barcelona.Acció.Musical comes back!

28 Aug

Barcelona.Acció.Musical: The best free music festival!!!

From 22nd to 24th September BAM will be held on the streets of Barcelona. This festival is due to the Party of “La Mercè”, the patron saint of the city.

The main artist are: The Kooks, The Dream Syndicate, Black Dice, Meneo and Sonny and the Sunsets

There are five stages in five different points of the city:

  • Joan Corominas Square

Metro: L1, L3 (Catalunya) and L2 (Universitat)

  • Real Square

Metro: L1 (Liceu)

  • Plaça dels Angels (in which the MACBA Museum is located)

Metro: L2 (Universitat) and L1 (Liceu)

  • Electro Bam (Parc del Forum)

Metro: L4 Marema Forum

  • Old Factory of Estrella Damm (Carrer del Rosselló, 515)

Metro: Hospital Sant Pau (L5) and Encants (L2)




Date: Friday 21st

Stage: Joan Coromines

Time: 23.30h

Provenance: San Francisco (EEUU)

Style: Country-pop / Psycodelic


Date: Friday 21st
: Plaça Reial
Time: 23.00h
Provenance: San Francisco (EEUU)
Style: Rock


Date: Divendres 21
: Joan Coromines
Time: 20.30h
Provenance: Blanes (Catalunya)
Style: Folk-pop / Psycodelic


Date: Friday 21st
: Plaça dels Àngels
Time: 21.15h
Provenance: Barcelona
Style: Pop d’autor


Date: Friday 21st
: Electro-BAM
Time: 02.00h
Provenance: Burdeos (France)
Style: Electro-punk



Date: Saturday 22 nd

Stage: Plaça dels Àngels

Time: 00.30h

Provenance: Brooklyn (EEUU)

Style: Art-rock / Noise


Date: Saturday 22 nd

Stage: Plaça Reial

Time: 00.45h

Provenance: Los Angeles

Style: World-bass / Hip hop


Date: Saturday 22 nd

Stage: Plaça Reial

Time: 21.30h

Provenance: Londres (Regne Unit)

Estil: Hip Hop


Date: Saturday 22 nd
: Joan Coromines
Time: 20.30h
Provenance: Manlleu (Catalunya)
Style: Noise-rock / Post-hardcore


Date: Saturday 22 nd

Stage: Electro-BAM

Time: 01.00h

Provenance: Guatemala

Style: Electro


Date: Saturday 22 nd

Stage: Antiga Fàbrica d’Estrella Damm

Time: to confirm

Provenance: Regne Unit


Date: Saturday 22 nd
: Antiga Fàbrica d’Estrella Damm
Time: to confirm
Provenance: Catalunya


Date: Saturday 22 nd
: Escenari 20 anys de Garatge Club (Plaça Reial)
Time: 00.15h
Provenance: EEUU
Style: Rock


Date: Saturday 22 nd
: Plaça Reial
Time: 21.00h
Provenance: Seattle (EEUU)
Style: Hip hop / Neo-soul



Date: Sunday 23rd
: Joan Coromines
Time: 23.30h
Provenance: La Manga
Style: Country-pop / Folk


Date: Sunday 23rd
: Plaça Reial
Time: 00.15h
Provenance: París / New York
Style: Electro-pop


Date: Sunday 23rd
: Plaça dels Àngels
Time: 00.30h
Provenance: Madrid
Style: Noise-pop


Date: Sunday 23rd
: Plaça Reial
Time: 21.30h
Provenance: Cabrera de Mar (Catalunya)
Style: Folk-pop


Date: Sunday 23rd
: Plaça dels Àngels
Time: 21.15h
Provenance: Getxo
Style: Pop / Post-rock

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Are you going to Festigàbal? from 19th to 21st August

17 Aug

One year more, the musical bar Heliogàbal organises the free Festival of independent music Festigàbal. From 19th to 21st, August at Plaza Rovira i Trias, there will be concerts as Reggae per xics (for the smallest) or Astrio (jazz, electronica, rock…).

Metro: Joanic (L1)

Sunday, 19th August

Reggae per xics (19h)

Aliment (22:30h)
Quimi Portet (00h)

Monday, 20th August
Beach Beach (19h)

J. Robbins (22:30h)
Salvaje Montoya (00h)

Tuesday, 21st August
Comelade i Casasses (19h)
Tarántula (22:30h)
Astrio (00h)

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